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Thomas Price

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OEM is a CNC manufacturer and has been in business for 30 years.

  • We have improved the B2 Anchor in many ways starting with unique metallurgy to increase compressive strength of our 5.5” tool cones. A bit more space over standard tools in the acme threads which prevents sand lock. The tool can be lifted up and pushed down on pushing the sand to the sides allowing the tool to unset/unscrew which backs off the slips, non split caps on 7” and 5.5” with locking mechanisms similar to 4.5” tools, non split body nuts on 5.5” similar to 7” tool -XL top and bottom subs that prevent mandrel from breaking in applications that require more tail pipe
  • Have produced some of the largest Hard Lined Cages in producing wells (6.25”) specifically for export into the Middle East
  • We helped a specific customer refine their tools. Fixing issues with top and bottom subs, correcting dimensions on their prints, modifying housings and cones to help them arrive at the product they wanted while simplifying the manufacturing process in house

How to Order Tools

Complete tools can be ordered by combining the desired size:
45= 4.5″

Followed by “TAC” which stands for tubing anchor catcher. Then simply let us know what connections you would like by specifying a “1” for 2-3/8 or “2” for 2-7/8 at the end. Like this “45TAC1″ = 4.5” TAC with 2-3/8 connections.

All OEM tools come standard with wicker slips, so if you need carbide tag on a “-TC” for tungsten carbide buttons slips.

All OEM tools are standard left hand set. If you need a right hand tool add “-RH”.

For double drag springs add a “-DD”.

Now here are some examples below.

Take a OEM 4.5×2-3/8 complete tool part the part number is 45TAC1

Now lets make it carbide 45TAC1-TC

Now lets make it carbide with right hand set 45TAC1-RH-TC

This works for any size tool see the order form in our download section and our assembly chart and feel free to call if you have any questions.