Drilling Rig Components in Mississippi

If you need drilling rig components and equipment in Mississippi, trust the industry leading experts at Oilfield Equipment & Manufacturing (OEM).

For more than three decades, we have provided the design, manufacturing and repair of drilling rig equipment, parts and components. We specialize in custom parts for subsurface rod pumps as well as tubing, tubing anchors and anchor/catchers. We can also assist you with valves, fittings, casings and hardline cages.

Whatever solution you may need for your drill rig, OEM can help. In fact, we can even assist you in identifying precisely what you need to get and keep your production going.

Engineering Drill Rig Equipment for Your Needs

We approach every customer with a truly personalized approach. We are in the business of identifying and providing highly customized solutions. This ensures that you experience minimal downtime and eliminates the need to try and source specialized components and accessories on your own.

We are fortunate to count most of the industry’s most respected companies among our Mississippi customers. We have worked hard to earn our exceptional reputation, ensuring that our customers come back to us time and again for help.

Mississippi Downhole & Drilling Tools

We provide custom engineering and production of custom downhole tools to meet any oilfield drilling rig needs. We are truly drilling tool experts, with more than 30 years of experience behind us.

Whether you need us to design and engineer a custom downhole tool solution for you or you need expert drilling tool repair service, you can count on the OEM team. Every member of our team has extensive knowledge and experience. We use advanced technology solutions in the design and fabrication processes, ensuring precision and quality in every situation.

Tubing, Anchors and Tubing Anchor/Catchers

Oilfield Equipment & Manufacturing also specializes in drilling rig tube stock, tubing anchors and anchor/catchers.

Some of our most in-demand components in Mississippi include quarter turn tension anchors (quarter turn tack and quarter turn tubing) and model B Baker style tubing anchors in a variety of standard ranges.

Whatever your tubing anchor and tubing catcher needs may be, trust us to recommend the designs and materials that ensure maximum durability and reliability, even in the harsh downhole environment.

OEM is the nation’s premier CNC manufacturer of custom oilfield drilling rig equipment, components and accessories. We serve customers throughout Mississippi, providing exceptional service, reasonable pricing and quick turnaround. Our reputation for quality and dependability means that you get the responsive service and innovative solutions you need to keep your project’s productivity maximized.

When on the industry’s highest quality and personalized customer service will do, trust the Oilfield Equipment & Manufacturing team. Contact us today to discuss your drilling rig equipment needs.