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Welcome to Oilfield Equipment & Manufacturing. Our story began 1983 in Shawnee, Oklahoma when the company was founded by former military veteran, Dennis Marshalla, with a focus of creating baker style (B2) Tubing Anchor Catchers. In June of 2019, the company was purchased by Kattula Holdings with the mission to preserve Dennis’s legacy, talent, and engineering capabilities. As an up stream oil & gas operations company, OEM specializes in many different subsurface part components. Oilfield Equipment & Manufacturing has over 40 years of experience in the industry and takes pride in always having product on the shelf ready to ship whenever your order is placed. Our main priority is offering top-quality equipment to high performing oilfield companies in Fort Collins.

Oilfield Products:

We are the experts in manufacturing a mixture of Upstream or E&P (Exploration and Production) oilfield products such as Tubing Anchor Catchers, Hard Lined Cages, AD1 Tension Packer Components, and Subsurface Rod Pump Parts. Each product we offer provides instant benefits to any oilfield company involved in the exploration of oil and gas. Upstream oil & gas production is no easy task. Every operation involves high risk and high investment capital. When issues arise with your tool downhole, it’s worthwhile to have a partner like OEM on your side.

Time is of the essence when your tool is malfunctioning, that is why we always keep our facility full with inventory on the shelf. Let us know what you need and we’ll ship it to you. We want to make it as painless as possible for you to acquire the products you need. Call us directly or fill out our comprehensive quote form to help us get you the information you need!

Our Commitment:

Our commitment to quality products, timely delivery, and reasonable pricing is second to none. Each product goes through rigorous quality management and tests before it officially becomes a part of our inventory.

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OEM Products

Products We Offer Fort Collins:

OEM's commitment is three fold encompassing:
Quality Products - Timely Delivery - Reasonable Price

We offer the following products:
BA Style Anchor Catchers - 4-1/2” – 7-5/8”
Subsurface Rod Pump Parts & Components
Hard Lined Cages - 1.25" - 6.25"

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Products We Offer Fort Collins:

Tubing Anchor Catchers:

OEM has strategically partnered with TechTac for all things Tubing Anchor Catchers. A Tubing Anchor Catcher, or TAC, is generally used in most rod pumping applications where maintaining the proper tubing tension is required. When set with the proper tension, tubing anchor catchers will trim operating costs incurred from excessive rod wear and tear, which will result in fewer pulling jobs. TACs greatly reduce any breathing or buckling from the downhole pump tool as well. This improves oil production by increasing the effective stroke of the pump, thereby increasing the volumetric efficiency.

AD-1 Tension Packer Components:

OEM offers AD-1  Tension Packers components that range from 4.5”-7”. The AD-1 tension packer is the perfect choice when a setdown type packer is impractical due to pressure requirements. AD-1 tension packers are ideally suited for shallow wells where set-down weight is not available. This packer is compact, small, and easy to transport. If you have questions about our AD-1 Tension Packer Components and how they can add value to your operation, then contact us today!

Hard-Line Cages: 

Hard-Lined cages are the industry standard when it comes to downhole pump valve cages. Our cages are constructed using stainless steel and low-carbon steel alloys. OEM’s Hard-Line cages have a proven track record of extending pump life by reducing the inflicted damage a ball will induce on the cage compared to a cage that is unlined. Oilfield Equipment & Manufacturing stand by our work, which is why we guarantee the edge weld is properly executed on every cage we manufacture. If the hard-lining doesn’t adhere, it will result in broken weld beads.

Subsurface Pump parts: 

Subsurface rod pump parts are crucial for any sucker-rod artificial lift system. Oilfield Equipment & Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing many different parts that will extend the life of your lift system:

  • Barrels – Our barrels exceed the API quality standards and will add worth to every project
  • Plungers – Our sucker rod pump plungers are produced from low carbon steel, which gives our plungers a corrosion-resistant feel.
  • Valve Cages – OEM offers a wide range of quality valve cages in various materials to combat abrasion, corrosion, and high pressures that can build up downhole.
  • Ball & Seats – Ball & Seat valves are commonly used to restrict the flow of fluid to one direction in a sucker-rod lift system.
  • Hold Down Seal Assembles –Each subsurface rod pump component we create meets the American Petroleum Institute’s quality standard. Our products, delivery, and customer stocking programs ensure the most pleasing experience for our customers. If you’re looking to extend the life of your lift system, then contact us today by calling our phone number or filling out our RFQ form.
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Monel: 400, 405


Low Carbon Steel: 1144, 4130, 4140, 1018, 8620, 1026
Stainless Steel: 301, 316

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We service primarily the Oil & Gas, Automotive, and Aerospace industries. Our areas served include California, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Wyoming and Canada.

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