Oil Pump Parts

Trust Oilfield Equipment & Manufacturing (OEM) for all your oil pump parts and solutions, including custom machined subsurface rod pump parts.

Our dedication to quality and exceptional customer service truly sets us apart in our industry. We have developed a reputation for excellence that brings our customers back to us, time and again, whenever they need custom fabricated parts for oil pump applications.

Serving customers in Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi and throughout North America, we provide reasonably priced machined components with timely delivery and personalized service.

Custom Machined Subsurface Rod Pump Parts

Our team of highly skilled machinists understands the importance of quality and quick turnaround, whenever you need replacement parts for subsurface rod pumps. Durable oil pump parts are critical to keep you moving forward and we understand that you cannot afford the time or money loss that is associated with downtime.

Our specialty is CNC machined parts and custom manufactured components for oil pumps. Although it may sound like an overly board statement, we have the capacity to fabricate or manufacture virtually any component necessary to build or repair an oil pump.

Our decades of combined experience have provided us with the knowledge, skills and commitment to get the job done for you, whatever custom replacement pump components or parts you may need.

Design, Engineering & Machining of Custom Rod Pump Parts

Maybe you already have the specifications for your replacement parts but, more often, our customers need more than just straightforward CNC machining and milling to their specs.

Our team has the ability to provide design and engineering input on most replacement subsurface rod pump parts. We understand the many challenges you can encounter downhole and, rest assured, we have what it takes to identify and fabricate a responsive solution for you.

We also understand the importance of timely turnaround, and we have the capacity to fast-track the process without sacrificing quality or workmanship.

Your Custom Oil Pump Replacement Parts Specialist

As the leading supplier of parts and services to the oil industry, OEM is standing by to support the needs of our customers. We work hard to demonstrate our commitment to consistency, quality and cost-effectiveness.

If you need assistance with subsurface rod pump components, contact us today. Our team will work closely with you to quantify the challenge and propose the best possible solution to save you time and cost.

More important, we will push to determine the cause of the original component failure. This allows us to take the necessary steps to help prevent additional problems. The harsh environment that subsurface rod pumps must endure can take their toll on even the strongest materials. Fortunately, we have the knowledge and technology to provide custom machined components that are built to last.

Contact Oilfield Equipment & Manufacturing today to discuss your needs and request more information about custom machined oil pump parts.