4.5" 9.5-13# Casing & 15.10# Casing

OEM fully stocks standard 4.5" tools with 9.5-13# casing range. Currently shipping within a week. We can make 4.5" tools for 15.10# casing by request with up to 4 week lead time.

5" 11.5-18# Casing

OEM stocks a limited number of 5" tools with 11.5-18# casing range at any given time. If we do not have housings in stock it may take up to 6 weeks to make them available.

5.5" 13-23# Casing

OEM fully stocks 5.5" tools with 13-23# casing range it is rare to not have parts available on the shelf. Current ship times are within a week. This applies to both Model B Baker style and OEM Quarter turn tools.

5.5" 26# Casing

OEM provides 5.5" for 26# tools by request only with a 4-6 week lead time. This applies to both Model B Baker style and OEM Quarter turn tools.

7" 17-38# Casing

OEM fully stocks and ships 7" tools with EX slips standard. The casing range of the EX slips is 17-32#. Current shipping is within a week. If you need a tool to reach 32-38# casing we can make standard 7" slips available it just may take a week to get them delivered to us.

7-5/8" 20-39# Casing

OEM stocks a very limited number of slips and housings for 7-5/8 tools. lead time may be up to 4 weeks if we do not have the slips and housings in stock.

Tubing Anchor Catchers (TAC)

4.5” – 7.625”

AD1 Tension Packer Components

4.5” – 7”

Custom Fishing Tools

Subsurface Rod Pump Parts

Hard Lined Cages

1.25” – 6.25”

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