Tubing Anchors & Catchers

Tubing, tubing anchors and tubing anchor catchers, are critical components for ensuring efficient rod pumping. The failure of these components can bring your operation to an unexpected halt, costing money and requiring emergency repairs.

Oilfield Equipment & Manufacturing (OEM) specializes in the custom design and fabrication of all types of tube and tubing-related components for customers in the energy, oil and gas industries. We are known for our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. We provide maximum value at the lowest possible price with quick delivery and turnaround.


Tubing material selection is critical, as carbon and low-alloy steels experience thermal expansion when exposed to temperature extremes. In addition to temperatures, tube strings can be affected by tension, the piston effect, fluid load and pressure and related factors depending on well conditions.

This leads to bending, coiling and, ultimately, tube string failure. This also causes excessive friction against rods and casing. Component failure becomes a significant risk but, even if failure does not occur, the friction reduces pumping efficiency and increases operating costs.

Oilfield Equipment & Manufacturing works closely with our customers to engineer tubing that can stand up to whatever challenging conditions may be in store. Our highly knowledgeable team as more than three decades of experience, making us uniquely qualified to assist you with all your tubing needs.

Tubing Anchors

Tubing anchors are used to prevent downhole tubing from moving or rotating in the hole.

No matter what the conditions you face downhole, your anchors must be durable and impervious to debris. Depending on the conditions you are dealing with, you may need your anchors to be left in compression or tension. They must be easy to set and release as well as be reset.

OEM provides tubing anchors for a variety of uses, ranging from pumping and flowing wells, treatment, testing and injecting. We can provide custom tubing anchors designed and fabricated with precision, to ensure you obtain the results you need with the lowest possible cost and fastest delivery time.

Tubing Anchor Catchers (TAC)

Tubing anchor catchers anchor tube strings to the casing. TACs maintains tube tension, preventing buckling during pump strokes while keeping tubing under pressure or compression. The right TACs will ensure maximum efficiency with the lowest possible operating costs. They will also help reduce wear and prevent unexpected component failures.

Using TACs prevents rod pumping tubing from dangling freely inside the casing. Without them, tubes, rods, the casing and pump will experience excessive stress and wear. Your pumping efficiency will be reduced and you could even experience the buckling of your tubing. TACs also help ensure maximum pumping efficiency.

Because TACs must remain durable in conditions including high pressure, temperatures and corrosion, high quality materials, design and manufacturing are crucial. OEM understands the importance of providing tubing, anchors and anchor/catchers that reduce maintenance requirements and failure.

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